3 Areas That Are Costing You Money You Don’t Need to Spend in Your ASC

Across healthcare, everyone is looking to increase quality and decrease costs. To keep your ASC running efficiently, it’s crucial to cut the fat. Where are you spending money that you don’t need to be spending? read more »

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Financial Literacy in Your ASC - Understanding the Key Metrics

To best understand how an ASC operates, it's crucial to have a good grasp on some main keywords and their meanings. Below, we've listed a collection of ASC terms and their definitions so you can be sure you have the most thorough understanding possible. read more »

An Ambulatory Surgery Center PreOp Nurse’s Guide To Cardiac Testing – Part 2 The Echocardiogram

This is blog 2 of 3 that explains the ins and outs of pre-admissions cardiac testing from my perspective. As an anesthesiologist, with over 30 years of experience, I’ve done everything from open heart and liver transplant to fast-paced ASCs and pain management. My goal is to provide a common-sense explanation that helps ASC preop nurses... read more »

Beckers Asc Review
Becker's ASC Review: Q & A With Dan Short of One Medical Passport

Becker's ASC Review interviewed Dan Short to learn more about the processes necessary for meeting CMS' conditions for coverage. These conditions require ASCs to provide patients with written acknowledgement of patient rights, ownership and advance directives prior to the date of service. In order to meet these conditions, ASCs across the... read more »

4 Reasons Why Surgery Centers Fail & How You Can Avoid Them

When opening an ambulatory surgery center, there's lots of planning involved and many expenditures are required. To get your business started on the right foot, here are a few critical (but common) mistakes that can mean failure for your ASC:   read more »

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New England Surgery Center Shares Success Story

New England Surgery Center recently shared their success story using One Medical Passport to run smarter and save time using our pre-admission solution. read more »

4 Advantages of Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

We all know outpatient care at an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) is better. We might be partial though since we live, eat and breath it everyday. Recently, healthcare leaders were surveyed on industry trends and their points back up our feelings on ASCs being the best. read more »

Case Study: Jefferson Surgery Center- Blue Bell, PA

Prior to deploying One Medical Passport, Jefferson Surgery Center relied on nursing staff to phone patients in advance of a procedure to gather their preoperative medical history. Each of these calls took an average of one hour per patient because many patients were often unprepared and lacked the necessary information when receiving the... read more »

An ASC PreOp Nurse’s Guide to Ejection Fraction and CHF – Part 3: Understanding Congestive Heart Failure

In Part 1 of this 4-part series, I talked about what Ejection Fraction (EF) is. In Part 2, I talked about the classifications of normal and abnormal EF. In this 3rd blog article in the series, I’ll talk about Congestive Heart Failure - commonly known as just CHF. read more »

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An Administrator's Guide to Successful Tech Adoption

What makes or breaks the successful adoption of new technology at your surgery center? ASCs are consistently being pushed to move in the direction of streamlined, paperless workflows, and Administrators have never been more integral to the on-boarding process. In this post, we'll review the top 3 reasons that ASCs fail at technology... read more »

5 Big Changes You Can Make Today to Improve Patient Satisfaction (without spending a nickel!)

Patient satisfaction can make or break the success of your ASC. As an anesthesiologist, I broke down 5 changes you can implement to keep your patients happy without costing you anything!  Here are my thoughts: read more »

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