The Challenges ASCs Face When Creating a Culture of Safety

All ASCs strive for top-notch quality and safety. But what if your employees don’t have the perception that you are trying to improve safety? Increasing safety culture starts by acknowledging the barriers and challenges.  read more »

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Code Pineapple

We live in a hyper-partisan, hyper-sensitive, hyper-litigious society. We are also addicted to our social media. The two can be an explosive combination. read more »

Hyper-growth SaaS sales Leader Craig Silverman Joins 1MP

One Medical Passport is pleased to announce that hyper-growth SaaS sales leader Craig Silverman has joined the company as its Chief Revenue Officer. In his prior role as VP of Sales at DrChrono (2014 – Q1 2020), Silverman helped orchestrate the explosive growth of one of Silicon Valley’s hottest health-IT companies from startup to market... read more »

Why America’s ASCs Should Re-Open May 1st

On April 13th , it will be exactly one month since the American College of Surgeons released its statement that surgeons should “minimize, postpone, or cancel elective operations at the current time until we are confident that our health care infrastructure can support a potentially rapid and overwhelming uptick in critical patient care... read more »

How to Choose the Right Patient Engagement Solution

Patient engagement tools are rapidly expanding. When they are implemented correctly, these solutions can offer significant benefits—improving outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing patient engagement. In an ever-expanding world of options, how do you choose the right patient engagement solution for your ASC? read more »

A Thank You for your Bravery.

  We understand that these times continue to make life feel stressful and heavy. We are all affected in different capacities; some are working more, some from home, others are dealing with the stress of not working at all. Some of us live in the states that are considered 'hot-spots' and others are in an area with only a few cases of... read more »

COVID 19 - How to Use Government Programs to Help You During CORONA Virus - Cost & Financials
4 Government Programs to Assist ASCs

With COVID-19 affecting small business in the US, the government has issued various relief programs that you may be eligible to participate in.  Below are a list of the top 4 relief programs we wanted to help you learn about and be aware of:  read more »

10 Things To Do TODAY While Your ASC Is Shut Down/Slowed Down – Part 2

So you’re shut down or slowed down because of the coronavirus. We are all a bit worried, fearful and even angry about what has happened. In dark times like these, I find it helps to stay busy, and know that very soon, to rip-off the classic line from Annie – “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”. This pandemic WILL end in the near future, and... read more »

Wash Your Face After You Wash Your Hands to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

DISCLAIMER -  I am not Anthony Fauci, MD or Deborah Birx, MD.  I am not speaking for the CDC and I don’t have any randomized clinical trials to point to.  What I do have is common sense. So here’s my thought: We should be washing our faces with soap and warm/hot water, not just our hands.   read more »

ASCs and COVID-19: How to Handle Surgical Overflow

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving daily, the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) has released a list of scenarios in which ASCs can be activated to handle surgical overflow. We’ve summarized the ASCA’s list of options for how ASCs can assist with surge capacity. read more »

A Message of Hope from a Trusted Advisor

As frightening as the news is right now - it will pass. Our healthcare industry will be smarter and stronger from what we are learning today from this crisis. On the other side of this nightmare our hospitals will be more focused on greater healthcare challenges such as intensive care, organ transplants, and acute care management.... read more »

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