What Trends You Need to Consider in Your ASC Design

The physical environment of your ASC can have a significant impact on your bottom line, patient satisfaction, and efficiency. Consider how your ASC facility is working—or not working—for you. 

The Advantages of an Online Document Management System


Patient Satisfaction: Our Top 5 Tips

Patient satisfaction can make or break the success of your ASC. As an anesthesiologist, I broke down 5 changes you can implement to keep your patients happy without costing you anything!  Here are my thoughts:

4 Key Tips for Patient Satisfaction

Cypress Surgery Center: Before and After 1MP

The Impact of Video in Healthcare and Surgery Centers

From unpacking jargon to efficiently communicating care instructions, using video in healthcare can have substantial positive impacts. When it comes to your surgery center, how can video make a difference?

Why Your Patients Expect Videos

In today’s technological landscape, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone. Gone are the days of television being the only source of video content—now, nearly everyone has a pocket-sized computer where they can stream hours of content on-demand. From video recipes to news stories to healthcare education, your patients expect to find what they need online.

Best Practices for ASC Patient Engagement

An overwhelming amount of evidence has shown that better health outcomes occur when patients are actively engaged in their care plan. While this might seem like an obvious statement, keeping patients engaged can be challenging. What can your ASC do to make sure patients are active participants in their care? 

1MP Announces Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program to Celebrate the Unsung Heroes in Outpatient Surgery

One Medical Passport is pleased to announce the first round of their new initiative to help celebrate the unrecognized heroes in outpatient surgery: The Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program. In every Ambulatory Surgery Center, there are workers who go above and beyond, and truly make an impact on people's lives. One Medical Passport’s clinical-based team understands that the hard work and sacrifices of many ASC staff often goes unnoticed due to the fast-paced, stressful environment of an ASC. The Ambulatory Surgery Everyday Heroes Program was created to recognize, celebrate, and reward these remarkable ASC professionals. 

How to Drive ASC Staff Satisfaction

In healthcare, patient satisfaction is always a top priority. But what about team member satisfaction? At its core, strong employee engagement leads to reduced turnover, increased revenue, and even higher patient engagement. Consider the following strategies for boosting staff morale: staff communication, celebrate success, and lead iin more ways than one.