Best Ways to Communicate with Physician Offices to Get The Most Referrals

At ASCs, the majority of your patient volume comes from physician referrals. Thus, keeping strong communication and relationships is vital to keeping your OR volume up. Below, we outline 4 of the best ways to improve your communication with physician offices.  read more »

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Top 5 Security Questions to Consider When Choosing Ambulatory Software

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What You Didn't Know You Needed to Outsource in Your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

Well, we all do it. Some more than others; some do it all the time, others, just a few times per month. After awhile, you want to do it all the time – and that is when you open yourself up for disappointment. read more »

Budget Bloat in Your ASC

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Emerald Coast Surgery Center Improves Pre-admission Process

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Fall Makeover Time for Your Ambulatory Surgery Center

Well, it looks like the summer’s back has been broken. Cooler temperatures (less flooding hopefully), kids back in school, and renewed energy. So let’s get to the task of fixing a few issues at the office. read more »

Learn How To Increase Your Patient Satisfaction Scores Like a Pro

The successes of an ASC can be largely linked to patient satisfaction scores. We took a poll of over 750 surgery centers to see what tips they had for increasing patient satisfaction. read more »

Why Capnography Should be Mandatory for MAC and Conscious Sedation

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5 Tips for A Better GI Patient Experience in Your ASC

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How to Interpret the Results of a Sleep Study for an ASC Nurse

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Practical Considerations for Sleep Apnea Management

Last week we discussed how to screen patients for undiagnosed sleep apnea. This week, let's continue the discussion by delving into practical considerations for sleep apnea management. There are many factors to consider, but we want to focus on what’s practical and within the surgery center’s scope. We want to focus on easy-to-implement,... read more »

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