Best Ways to Communicate with Physician Offices to Get The Most Referrals

At ASCs, the majority of your patient volume comes from physician referrals. Thus, keeping strong communication and relationships is vital to keeping your OR volume up. Below, we outline 4 of the best ways to improve your communication with physician offices.  read more »

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How to Best Organize Patient Charts in Ambulatory Surgery

It can be easy to feel like your nursing hours are taken up more and more by patient charting and paperwork. Fortunately, some changes to how you approach patient charting can help.  read more »

4 Ways to be a Nurse Leader in a Surgical Facility Without the Title

Nurses at every level of the care continuum must be leaders. Showing leadership doesn’t only help your department run smoothly, but it also improves communication and patient outcomes. This post explores four strategies every nurse can use to can show leadership qualities—no matter your title. read more »

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University South Florida ASC Thrives Using One Medical Passport

My name is Laura Stander and I work with the University of South Florida Health Information Systems. I support the technology solutions for the Ambulatory Surgery Center and other clinical applications like radiology or specific ultrasound products.  We knew right off the bat that we needed an online anesthesia health history... read more »

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The best defense: Anesthesiologist Dr. Stephen Punzak on the value of appropriate preop evaluations

read more »

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Why Video is Changing Surgical Care

read more »

How Every ASC Nurse Can Create a Culture of Patient Safety

Nurses are integral to the culture of safety in every ASC across the country. This post explores four strategies that can place safety at the forefront of your ASC’s patient care culture. read more »

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